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Caring, Experienced and Compassionate One of the most frightening experiences can be the motorcycle accident; this in many cases is just the beginning. This is often a life changing event and might… [more]

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When only the best will do, contact us. Personal Injury lawyers in Los Angeles County who focus on motorcycle accidents and injuries in California. Former U.S. Marine to aggressively litigate your case. Ehline… [more]

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Common Factors In Motorcycle Accidents

Why Some Motorcycle Crashes Occur       Many times when a rider is involved in a motorcycle accident the cause in some cases is driver negligence, this negligence can be on the part… [more]

Common Factors In Motorcycle Accidents   Common Factors In Motorcycle Accidents
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s14 Motorcycle Bandit Indicted—Could Face 132 Years in Prison

March 29, 2010-According to reports the man that allegedly robed several area banks could face 132 years and was referred to as the “Sport Bike Bandit.” The man identified as Robert Gordon Lockwood of Long Beach has been indicted... Read More

s10 Tom Cruise Motorcycle Accident Online Hoax

March 8, 2010-According to reports actor Tom Cruise was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. The accident reported on the Internet according to the actor and his representatives was untrue, the actor has stated on several... Read More

s13-150x150 Dean McDermott Injured in Motorcycle Crash

January 12, 2010 (by Horatio Algren) According to reports Canadian actor Dean McDermott was injured in a motorcycle crash over the weekend. The crash occurred at the California Auto Club Speedway during a practice session at turn... Read More

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    From personal injury, vehicle code, safety, this site strives to provide the most cutting edge resources for consumers.  Some people may have come here from another state. If you are an out of state attorney, and wish to have your site listed here, please contact us.  If you offer educational materials dealing with motorcycle accidents in a state like Ohio, or county like Cincinnati, or if your firm is a motorcycle accident attorney in another state, contact us.  If you are a consumer, and have great information you would like to share, please also contact us.  We are striving to build the world's largest online repository of motorcycle related issues.  From products liability, big rig truck and bus accidents involving motorcycles, motorcycle accident reconstruction and bio-mechanics, we will explore it all here. Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law Firm PC is a Northern and Southern California motorcycle personal injury attorney who brings these resources to you, not as legal advice, but instead as an information resource.  You the non attorney, must always seek the assistance of qualified legal counsel.  If you were hurt in California cities like Long Beach, Playa del Rey, Costa Mesa, San Diego, Carlsbad, Fresno, or Corona, contact us for free at 888.400.9721.  Single vehicle collisions are also discussed.

Ehline Law Firm PC | The Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Ehline Law Firm PC, the “Motorcycle Accident Lawyer” is recognized by the public and his colleagues as one of the best California Motorcycle Accident Attorneys. You need to know that when a motorcycle rider is involved in a motorcycle crash the injuries can be severe, and in some cases it can change the riders live and their family forever. When a motorcycle crash occurs with the proper medical care and assistance, it is possible to recover.

Police Bikes

Police Bikes

Damages And Fairness For Riders The Ehline Law Firm PC understands that each motorcycle accident is unique, this is why each client and their family is treated with care, and provided the services they require. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients are treated with fairness and receive the damages they are entitled too. Our experience and skill enables us to aggressively deal with insurance companies when needed and to educate juries about the uniqueness of each motorcycle accident and the injuries that have been sustained.


Our goal for injured motorcycle accident victims is to obtain the maximum compensation so they are able to recover not only financially but also physically and emotionally. Our service is not limited to motorcycle accident victims, we also handle cases that involve wrongful death and bicycle accidents. Accidents Need To Be Investigated The Ehline Law Firm PC, as a California motorcycle lawyer, know that an accident needs to be thoroughly investigated using experts to reconstruct the accident, along with other experts to know what occurred. Depending on police reports and investigations often misrepresent the motorcycle rider and their driving at the time of the accident. A motorcycle that relies on this type of report can have a detrimental effect on the amount of compensation that might be recovered.

Attorney Michael P. Ehline uses his skill and experts, as well as working with other California motorcycle accident attorneys, to obtain the compensation an accident victim deserves and will challenge reports that do not have all the facts about an accident. Accident Victims Need Medical and Rehabilitation The Ehline Law Firm PC has their clients best interest in mind and understands they need to recover with the help of medical professionals and works with them, including fracture specialists, MRI facilities, neurologists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and other specialists in the medical profession. These medical professionals are able to care for the accident victim with no up front fees or co-pay, on a lien basis, to ensure our clients receive the treatment and rehabilitation services they need to recover. Our firm will work with the medical experts to ensure we are educated in each injury and what effect they will have on the motorcycle accident victim. This includes our experience with cases where the victim has had a brain injury or a spinal cord injury.

How To Contact Ehline Law Firm PC After a crash or spill, we can be reached for a consultation toll free at 888-400-9721 or by e-mail at If injured in a Los Angeles motorcycle injury, call locally at 213-596-9642 to speak with Ehline Law Firm PC, the “Motorcycle Accident Lawyer“. California motorcycle accident attorneys are waiting for your call. If you are a motorcyclist injured in Illinois, you may wish to contact a local attorney at Chicago Motorcycle Injury Lawyers.

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    Sport bikers sometimes deal with police bias, as well as insurance company bias. Let Ehline Law Firm PC take charge of your Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or other sporting bike motorcycle injury case.
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