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s14The staff and helpers at Ehline Law Firm PC, as well as lead counsel Michael P. Ehline, have lived and worked in the Riverside and San Bernardino County locales in the past, present and will also be there in the future.  Ehline himself, our president, is a former U.S. Marine, and he is also a lawyer who rides. He understands the double edged sword of the personal danger of being in harms way, while simultaneously enjoying the freedom that riding can also bring. He has earned millions upon millions of dollars in monetary compensation for victims and have won numerous awards from Circle of Legal Trust, all the way to Super Lawyers.  He has the compassion, and the answers to some of the most frequently asked by wounded riders and their families after a bad spill. Our firm has the skills to work effectively to achieve the amount of compensation an injured motorcycle rider deserves. This is the objective we strive for in order to assist our client in the ability to recover to the fullest extent possible after a devastating accident. Ehline Law Firm PC also represents families of motorcycle, bicycle or car accident victims that were fatally injured.

Our Experts Are Medical and Rehabilitation Specialists

Ehline Law Firm PC has an understanding, professional relationship with doctors and specialists, along with physical therapists and medical facilities, where treatment and rehabilitation can begin without an up front fee, co-pay or a deductible. These professionals have the ability to assess the needs of the injured victim and the course of treatment for the recovery process to begin. As skilled health professionals in treatment and rehabilitation they can also testify in an expert capacity during the court case should that be crucial, some cases do not go to court but are settled without the need to enter into a trial.

Our Experience In Clients’ Cases

Attorney Michael P. Ehline, Ehline Law Firm PC and the experts that are a part of the Ehline Law Firm PC team have successfully assisted hundreds of clients that have been an accident victim to receive the compensation they deserve. This is because attorney Ehline Firm PC understands the laws and the science that is involved when a client has been seriously injured and this is what is necessary to get results for clients. We make it an objective to ensure that our clients and their family receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

Ehline makes it convenient for clients by meeting with them in the firms’ offices, at the client’s home, in their hospital rooms or a location that is comfortable for the client to meet. It is at this time when attorney Ehline Firm PC will be able to explain the legal process the client and their family will go through and what the legal firm will be able to do for the client. We at Ehline Law Firm PC make it a priority to resolve each client’s case in a timely manner in order for the injured victim and their family to begin the healing process.

Each step of the legal process that occurs the clients are informed as the developments unfold and every question during this process by the client is important and will be given top priority to answer in a manner that is clear. Ehline Law Firm PC understands the time that it can take to heal after a motorcycle accident or bike injury and it is our policy to be with the client every step of the way during this time.

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The Law firm and attorney Michael P. Ehline can be reached at toll free at 888-400-9721 or by e-mail at michael@ehlinelaw.com

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