Common Factors In Motorcycle Accidents

Many times when a rider is involved in a motorcycle accident the cause in some cases is driver negligence, this negligence can be on the part of the rider, but more often it is the driver of a vehicle. There are just some of the common facts encountered by experienced motorcycle accident attorneys.

When there is negligence on the part of the motorcycle rider the amount of compensation they can be awarded will be reduced for their part in the collision.

The Cause Of Many Motorcycle Accidents

When an accident involves a motorcycle there are some common causes such as:

  • Lane Changes: There are motorcycle accidents that occur when a vehicle is changing lanes and the driver fails to see the motorcycle. A collision can also occur when the driver of a vehicle does not give the motorcycle rider the same courtesy they would another vehicle when the motorcycle is changing lanes.
  • Splitting Lanes: The splitting of lanes is a legal maneuver on California Roads for motorcycle riders when done in a safe manner, collisions can occur.
  • The Left Hand Turn: The left hand turn is often the spot where a collision can occur with motorcycle riders, when a vehicle continues through an intersection at the same time the motorcycle is turning.
  • Roadways: Roadways can be a hazard to the motorcycle rider, irregularity in the pavement can cause a motorcycle to crash, debris is also a hazard. Potholes or loose gravel can cause a motorcycle rider to loose control of the bike even when traveling at slow speeds.

Being Compensated For A Motorcycle Accident

When a motorcycle accident occurs and it is due to driver negligence compensation can be awarded and there are two conditions to be met in the process of being awarded compensation after an accident.

The first is the determination of the cause of the collision and the second is knowledge of the full extent of the injuries and the losses due to the accident. These should be examined closely in order to have them a part of the motorcycle crash claim filed.

This must be able to be presented in such a way to an insurance company or a jury that the proper amount of compensation will be awarded to the injured rider.

The compensation process is why attorney Michael P. Ehline employs the use of reconstruction experts and other professionals including highway safety professionals in order to find the degree of driver negligence involved in the accident. This information allows the Ehline Law Firm PC to confidently argue the motorcycle accident case for their clients and argue aggressively when required to be awarded the compensation the injured rider deserves.

The experience, skill and knowledge of the law, along with science is what the Ehline Law Firm PC uses to build a motorcycle accident case. This information and experience allows attorney Michael Ehline to prepare a motorcycle accident case to the fullest of his ability and fight it to achieve a compensation settlement amount the client deserves.

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