Factors That Can Cause Motorcycle Accidents

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There are some factors that can cause motorcycle accidents, like weather, uneven pavement, debris, gravel or oil on the roadway, and other vehicles. Riding a motorcycle in Los Angeles can be fun, it is an easier way to travel in congested traffic, and it is more dangerous than other types of vehicles. According to the statistics that have been done approximately three quarters of the motorcycle accidents that occur involve other vehicles.  But you may need to hire a motorcycle lawyer Los Angeles, or in San Bernardino, depending on where the injuries happened, and where you reside.

One of the other factors that can cause motorcycle accidents is a malfunction in the design of the motorcycle or after market parts. This can cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle, through no fault in their ability to ride.

Individuals at the University of Southern California have studied large factors that can cause motorcycle accidents with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In the Los Angeles area the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the University of Southern California’s researcher Harry Hurt did a study on 900 motorcycle accidents in the area. The study showed that three quarters of the accidents involved collisions, one quarter of the accidents was single vehicle accidents that involved the riders colliding with the roadway. Prior to the crash in 62 percent of the accidents there was fuel leaks and spills on the roadway. This presents a hazard to the motorcycle rider at any speed and can cause the rider to lose control of the bike.

These types of motorcycle accidents can end in severe injuries that if the roadway in Los Angeles did not have fuel leaks, oil and other substances on the highway would not cause motorcycle accidents.

When a motorcycle accident does occur, because of another vehicle or the condition of the roadway the injuries can have lasting effects and requiring long term medical care, loss of employment or the need for training in a different profession. This is a difficult time for a rider that has been involved in a motorcycle accident, and it is also a time when a motorcycle accident attorney can help build a case that can result in the maximum recovery.

In Los Angeles the percentage of motorcycle accidents means that it is possible at anytime while riding to be involved in an accident and without the protection of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney getting a fair settlement is not possible. Insurance company’s, city and county agencies are impossible to deal with alone and without knowing the laws that protect the injured motorcycle rider in Los Angeles.

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