Hot Weather Is Here And That Means Motorcycle Accidents Are Higher

July 16, 2009 by  
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When hot weather arrives there are more people out on the roads, going to the beach, going on vacation and going to work. This means getting out on the roads with a motorcycle it takes more caution to avoid being in an accident, because hot weather is here and that means motorcycle accidents are higher in cities, likeReseda, Bakersfield or Oakland.

While the percentages are lower for licensed motorcycles, than other vehicles like cars and trucks, they are a higher percentage rate in severe accidents and deaths. Some numbers show that a motorcycle rider is approximately 40 more likely to be killed in an accident than a driver of a vehicle. This is because the motorcycle does not afford the same protections as the other vehicles on the road and when an accident occurs it is not unusual for the rider to hit the pavement or to be ejected from the bike.

There are certain places that the yearly statistics show motorcycle riders are more likely to get into accidents in locations such as intersections, especially when making a right hand turn. On highways or freeways during hours that traffic is congested, on curves in the roadways, and at traffic signals. These are places where the rider and motorcycle might not be seen by drivers of other vehicles, or might be in the driver’s blind spot. Curves can be dangerous, for two reasons, the rider might over compensate, and there could be gravel that could cause the rider to lose control of the bike. The second reason is the driver of a vehicle may not give the rider the room on the road; they need to navigate a curve.

Riders even when following the rules of the road and riding safely can be involved in a collision with another vehicle due to a negligent driver that either did not see the motorcycle or that was not paying attention. This means the rider could be facing serious injuries that could be permanent or even fatal when hot weather is here and that means motorcycle accidents are higher.  This may require a motorcycle lawyer.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident due to a negligent driver means they should be held responsible for medical bills, the repair or replacement of the motorcycle, loss of work and ongoing medical care that might be needed. This is why in Reseda, Bakersfield or Oakland and other cities in Orange County there are experienced Orange County motorcycle injury attorneys. These attorneys understand that motorcycle accidents are different than other vehicle accidents and have the skill it takes to represent the biker.

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