Motorcycle Bandit Indictment

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March 29, 2010-According to reports the man that allegedly robed several area banks could face 132 years and was referred to as the “Sport Bike Bandit.” The man identified as Robert Gordon Lockwood of Long Beach has been indicted for the robbery of several area banks in which he used a sport motorcycle as his getaway vehicle, giving him the name “Sports Bike Bandit.”

Motorcycle Bandit arrested

Motorcycle Bandit arrested

According to the documents indicting Lockwood he allegedly robbed Citibank for $8057, Cal National Bank where he took $3,958 and F& M where he robbed them for $606. The documents also accuse Lockwood of armed robbery, three counts of showing a weapon, assaulting and placing the lives of employees and customers in jeopardy.

The robbery at Citibank at 2250 Bellflower Boulevard on December 15th, on January 26th Cal National Bank located at 5757 Pacific Coast Highway was robbed and Farmers and Merchant Bank at2302 Bellflower Boulevard on March 5th. In the indictment the 51 year old Long Beach resident is accused of carrying a .45-caliber Springfield Army 1911-A1 semi automatic handgun and a Smith and Weson .357 Magnum revolver during the F & M robbery, which he fired.

According to the US Attorneys Office spokesman Thom Mrozek if Lockwood is convicted on all the charges he faces up to 132 years in federal prison. The three robbery counts could equal a maximum sentence of 75 years, and an additional 57 years for the use of a gun during the crime. Mrozek also stated that due to the fact that it is a federal crime Lockwood would have to serve 85 percent of the prison sentence.

The “Sport Bike Bandit, was scheduled to appear on Monday morning in Downtown Los Angeles for arraignment according to Mrozek. Lockwood the owner of a machine shop in Signal Hill was arrested during a robbery when he was tackled by Rich Camp and Long Beach resident David Jones. The men disarmed Lockwood and held him until the Long Beach Police arrived on the scene.

According to witnesses Lockwood entered the bank yelling obscenities and threatening to shoot everyone. He then grabbed a deposit bag from a customer that entered the bank and shoving the man to the floor. According to Camp Lockwood threatened to shoot him, Camp was trapped where the counter separates the customers from the bank employees as Lockwood began going over the divider. Camp jumped on Lockwood’s back as he went over the counter, causing Lockwood to open fire. According to court documents Lockwood shot over his shoulder and between his legs in an attempt to free himself of Camp.

The shots that were fired by Lockwood injured Camp, an elderly woman and himself, but were not life threatening.
Camp a small construction business owner has since filed a lawsuit against the bank that alleges it was not properly secured. The suit claims that the there is a lack of bulletproof partition for bank employees and that the one security guard was socializing in the bank parking lot at the time Lockwood entered the bank.

In this case, instead of a motorcycle lawyer, this “bandit” looks like he’ll be needing a criminal defense lawyer. The “Sport Bike Bandit” who was released from the hospital and transferred into federal custody under armed guard according to the FBI and police, told authorities at the time of his arrest he had robbed the banks because he was deeply in debt. He stated he was unable to pay the mortgage on his East Long Beach home where he and his wife Pamela Lockwood reside.

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