Motorcycle Trauma Injuries On The Rise

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The statistics between 1996 and 2004 showed a rise in serious trauma injuries, and the rate is on the increase, in Los Angeles and other cities. There are several reasons for this, the first is many riders no longer wear a helmet when they ride, this alone can mean permanent head or brain injuries, and it can also be fatal if involved in a motorcycle accident.

There are other reasons why these statistics have risen, one is that there are more motorcycles registered in places like Los Angeles than ever before, with all ages of riders. The statistics from 1996 show 260 trauma injuries across the country and then in 2004 the numbers had risen to approximately 800. These are numbers that show riders that have permanent damage or were fatally injured and these numbers are still rising.

Another reason that these numbers have jumped is due to driver negligence such as cell phone use while driving, and more congested traffic. There are also certain months of the year that are more dangerous for riders, April through September has the highest trauma injuries according to these statistics. This number is because of the warm weather and more riders being on the roads, especially in areas that have cold months. However, during these months there is a rise in motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles also.

Motorcycle trauma injuries on the rise means that it is more important than ever for riders to wear the proper protective gear including helmets. Even with the banning of cell phones while driving, motorists still are negligent in many of the Los Angeles motorcycle accidents, which leads to trauma injuries for the motorcycle riders they collide with.

When a rider has traumatic injuries they are faced with continuing medical care for a long amount of time and sometimes for the rest of their lives, if the traumatic injuries are not fatal. This is when it is important to have the protection of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. One reason for this is this is someone that can build a case and hold the responsible party responsible. That means recovering not only the costs of the current medical bills, but also for future ones, along with other settlements in the case. The Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can do things like use experts to recreate the accident scene and sift through all of the evidence to build a case that will stand up to a judge and jury.

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