Tom Cruise Motorcycle Accident Online Hoax

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March 8, 2010-According to reports actor Tom Cruise was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. The accident reported on the Internet according to the actor and his representatives was untrue, the actor has stated on several websites and Twitter that he was not involved in a motorcycle crash. Cruise said he has not been on his bike in two days prior to Sunday’s reported accident due to weather.

The reports online were that Cruise was involved in an accident at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Sunday in Los Angeles in the vicinity of La Cienega and Sherwood Boulevards intersection. The reports went onto state that Cruise was on his red Ducati motorcycle and leaned to the left when his bike slid into a brown SUV after another vehicle ran the stop sign. The report stated there was damage done to the SUV’s back tires and five people helped the actor up and get the bike on its side, which had damage to the gears on the left side.

The bogus report goes on to say that Cruise limped away to sit outside the KOI Restaurant where he made two phone calls and waited for paramedics to arrive. The accident according to reports was told according to two eyewitnesses.

The 47 year old actors publicist Amanda Lundberg has stated Cruise was on involved in an accident, the reports are totally false including that he needed medical attention at a nearby hospital. Motorcycle lawyer Los Angeles, Michael Ehline believes that there is probably no lawsuit for defamation.

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